Petr Svarovsky: Portfolio


My first mobile App. It was developed upon prototype made for Vodafone R&D Group for Venice Biennial in 2007.

A game that turns your phone into a remote control to command people.

What happens when we take this simulated reality out of the box and introduce it to the real world? Suddenly, binary code gains the power to toy with people’s emotions, and an unpredictable social game will ensue…

Flirtman is a game where one player [FRED] sends commands to the other player [JERRY] who must carry them out, while other people don’t know that he is under control. It is a kind of remote control, where commands are in sound form, delivered via the Internet, and played to Jerry’s ears through a headset.

Remake Recorder

The App made for Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival workshops.

Remake Recorder is a sound recording utility for Ultima Remake workshops. In addition to ordinary recording functions (recording sounds in WAVE format, renaming, deleting) Remake Recorder is collecting metadata including GPS and uploading the data to Remake online map.


The S.M.T.H. (Send Me To Heaven) game was developed as a critical reflection of a growing mobile gadget fetishism. It became popular and got a great media attention.

“Players have to throw their device in the air as high as they can without breaking it. The device’s accelerometer calculates how far it goes, and the results are uploaded to the app’s leader boards, which are organized by the top 10 scores of the day, week, and worldwide.”


Very old iOS game, still available on iTunes. It’s teaching kids to listen carefully and basic vocal skills playful way.

It‘s a screaming game: The better you scream, the more points you get. Become a Scream Monster and beat your friends!

After a character selection (male or female), the player is asked to listen to screams and repeat them as precisely she can. A precise copy is awarded by a point. There are 3 levels with increasing difficulty in the game.


A private game for a client. Available in Czech Google Play Store only.

The skill-based game, where players make a paper plane and then throw it to achieve the longest distance. There are online leaderboards and In-Game Tournaments for prizes available in the game.


Made for Jocumsen Investment Ltd. App design, programming, publishing.


SubNow is a savvy tool for managing player rotations for small sided football (mini roos) and other team sports where equal game time is desired.

SubNow makes managing subs easy for anyone!

SubNow tells you when and who to rotate so all players receive their fair share of game time.

Under Oslo

Made for Naja Lee Jensen. App design, programming, publishing.

Under Oslo gives tourists a completely new view of Oslo. Step by step guide is DIY version of ”Og Stier Leder Oss”, a performative boat trip under Vaterlandstunnelen in Oslo. The app guides visitors to the cafe to rent a boat and then through the water tunnel under Oslo securely and without problems.