“Are you telepathic? Are you sure? Now you can find out!”
-- teleCat Monster

Can you feel when someone is thinking about you? Try this App to find out. You need one other person, preferably person you know well. The experiment takes 3 days (72 hours).


Q: Do we need to exchange codes at the same time?

A: Yes

Q: When are thinking times matching?

A: They have to be 15 minutes or less close. Fore example if you think about the other person at 10:00 AM, she has to press the button between 9:45 AM and 10:15 AM. This tolerance is there for practical purposes -  sometimes we feel the connection, but we are in a situation which doesn't allow us to use our phone immediately.

Q: Do I need to know the other person well?

A: It has been proved that people who know each other well get significantly better results. Feel free to experiment, sometimes people who doesn't know each other at all can connect telepathically with great success.

Q: Do I need to have my phone on and the App running all the time?

A: No. For your convenience App remembers that the experiment is going on 3 days since start, so you can switch it on and off whenever you want, your phones will stay connected.

Q: Do I need to be connected to network every time I press the button?

A: Yes. In case that you are not connected (via your mobile operator or via Wi-Fi) the thinking time will not be registered when you press the button.

Find one other person with a smartphone (iPhone or Android) for the experiment.

Download the App to your phones from Play Store or App Store.

Start Apps and exchange codes

to connect your phones.

Press “I think of you” button every time

you think about the other person.

Experiment will last 72 hours. You will

see your results then.

Credits: Concept, design and development © 2012 - 2013 Stine Berntsten and Petr Svarovsky, Image (cc) by Angelo Gonzáles, modified by Petr Svarovsky

Contact: support@carrotpop.com